About Us

Netshop St. Lucia is an online company offering a shopping experience that is second to none. We eliminate all purchasing and shipping issues by providing you with your very own physical address in the United States at no cost offering the luxury of stress-free shopping from home or work at your convenience.

Netshop is the doorway to a variety of products from the best stores in the USA. This modern site features up to date specials such as shop by brand, trend, exclusives, specials & discounts and events. In collaboration with vital affiliates in Miami, we create a logistic network that enables our customers to receive packages purchased online with utmost security.

NetShop Benefits:

  • Excellent Rates: Best online shopping rates
  • Free US Mail Box: A physical U.S.A. address facilitates customers' online shopping
  • Free Registration: Online Registration is free - no fee is charged
  • Efficient & Reliable Customer Service: Customers are provided with fast, efficient and professional customer service
  • No Credit Card No Hassle: Customers who are not in possession of credit or debit cards can still make online purchases, just consult with trained staff who will assist you in facilitating your online purchase
  • Manage Inventory: Customers are offered alternative options that allow them to manage inventory efficiently, in a way that significantly reduces international shipping cost.
  • Logistic Process: This service takes care of all customs and logistics processes for the clearance of customer packages

How it Works:

  • Shop Online: Buy from any Internet Web Store
  • Ship to Miami Address: Use Netshop's Miami address as your mailing address
  • Ship to St. Lucia: Your purchases will arrive at our Miami warehouse then sent to its final destination
  • Customs Processing: Upon arrival at the final destination, we will handle all customs processing
  • Pick Up your Package: Pick up your package at our office or enquire about our door delivery service